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NetWorking interview Q


1.In OSI, terminal emulation is done in (HCL)
a)semion b)appl.. c)presenta... d)transport
ans: b

2)Which are the different network toplogies ?

3) Tell an example of bus type network.

4)What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?

5)Explain the advantage and disadvantage of ethernet ?

6)Which is the protocol used in ethernet. (CSMA/CD)
bridges, routers and generators

7)What is the advantage of Ring network ?
Compare it with ethernet.

8) Piggy backing is a technique for
a) Flow control b) sequence  c) Acknowledgement   d) retransmition
ans:   c    piggy backing

9      16 bit mantissa and 8 bit exponent can present what maximum value?
4bit window size in sliding window protocol, how many acknowledements can be held?
CSMA/Cd protocol used in

11  Checksum in IP packet is
Sum of the bits and 9's complement of sum

12) TCP/IP hdr  checksum : what method is used ?
Ans. one's complement of sum of one's complement (CRC)

13) CSMA/Cd is used in which lan   Ans. Ethernet

14) One question on synchronous transmission :
ans. Timing info is embedded in data itself
ATM : Asynchronous transfer mode 
telephone  : Synchronous transfer 

15) 4bit seq no in sliding window protocol with selective repeat.
what is the max no. of acks that can be held at transmitter 
ans. 8

16) CSMA/CD is used in
a) token ring
d) ethernet
  Ans : d

17) Max no of Acknowledgements for a 4 bit sequence number in a
sliding window protocol.

18) ARP
   a) MAC to  IP
   b) IP to MAC
  Ans : b

19) NSF

20) If A  sends a message to B with encryption then key is
a)A public key
b)B public key
c)A private key
d)B private key

21) if even parity is used for parity generation, what is the
hamming distance

22) the code set is {00000,00111,11100,11011}
what is the error detecting and correcting capability?

23) IEEE 802.5 is

24) bit stuffing used in HDLC Protocol for

25) which is not suitable to find out IP address


27) execution phase can be
a. pipelined
b. no parallelism is possible
c. vector processing

28)In public key algorithm , A wants to send message to B .....
 which key is used
a. A public key
b. A private key
c. B public key
d. B private key

29) to prevent replay attacks in transmission
a. symmetric encoding
b. Asymmetric encoding
c. for every exchange, key should be changed

30) flow control is used for
a. congestion at receiver

31)If you type in the command
     nohup sort employees > list 2 > error out &
     and log off ,the next time you log in . the output
     will be
     a). in a file called list and the error will de typed in
         a file error out
     b). there will be no file called list or error out
     c). error will be logged in a file called list and o/p
         will be in error out
     d). you will not be allowed to log in
     e). none of the above

32) type of IP address belong to which class. Ans:class B

33)What are the funs. of transport layer?  What is TCP, UDP, their
   differences .....

34) About ARP and RARP.


35) FTP(transfer a file  b/w stations with user authentification)

37)TCP in transport  layer (connection oriented)
38)gateway is used (to connect incompatible networks)

39) routers used   (in network layer )

40) packets are formed ( in network layer )

41)fork in unix (system call used to create process)

42)make (creation of more than one file )

43)in unix .profile contains ( start up program)

44)in unix  echo is used for ( answer C)

44) In unix  'ls 'stores contents in(  inode block)

45) 1.which is not used for error correction : 
ANS :bit stuffing.

46)which of the following is not fctn of datalink layer: 
ANS : Encryption.

47)voltage levels of rs232c:
ANS :+12,-12.

48) which of the following is not used for client/server.
ANS: none.

49) 2) What is ATM
    a)Automated teller machine
    b) all time money
  * c) Asynchronous ttransfer mode
    d) Acttive test moniter
50) FDDI is a
  * a) ring network
    b) star network
    c) mesh network
    d) bus based network

51) x.25 transfer protocal is used for 
    a) packet switching
  * b) circuit switching
    c) framing
    d) datagram
52) a t-switch is used to
   a) control how message are passed between computers
   b) echo every character that received
   * c) transmit characers one at a time
   d) rearrange the ....

53) 16)which network protocol IBM mainframe and midrange support
   *   a. SNA
   b. TCP/IP
   C. X.25
   d.IEEE 802.5

54)the achronym DAN stands for acess nettwork
    *  b.distributed area network
  c.desktop area network
  d.disk access node

55) the fctn of datalink layer is:bit stuffing.

56)which of the following is not fctn of datalink layer: Encription.

57)voltage levels of rs232x:+12,-12.

58)which of the following is not used for client/server.

59)RPC,TCP/IP,MESSAGEQs None ans:may be none.

60) RS 232 is standards for 
        ans:physical layer

61) .25 protocol encapsulates the follwing layers
d)all of the above
e)none of the above

62)TCP/IP can work on

63)x.25 protocol encapsulates the follwing layers
d)all of the above
e)none of the above

64)TCP/IP can work on

65)a node has the ip address and it is
transmitting data from node1 to node2only. The reason may be
a)a node cannot have more than one address
b)class A should have second octet different
c)classB   "      "    "       "        "

66) the OSI layer from bottom to top

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