Thursday, 28 June 2012

Body language

 Here are common body language cues to watch out for in an interview:

1. A firm handshake 
A recruiter's first impression of you is often formed when you shake hands. A firm handshake will give 
the right impression. But not too firm - that can seem arrogant or too challenging. 
2. Arms folded across the chest 
You may feel comfortable sitting that way, but studies show that the interviewer will read this as 
3. Leaning forward 
This means you have an intense interest in what the interviewer is saying or vice versa. 
4. Head tilted to the side 

A head held straight up signals a neutral attitude to what you're saying. A head tilted to the side means 
you've caught your interviewer's interest. A head down is negative and judgmental. 
5. Hands hovering around the face 
No matter how nervous you are, try to avoid hand-to-face gestures such as touching your nose or 
rubbing your eye. This means you’re not entirely comfortable with the subject matter being discussed. 
It's often a sign that you are not being completely honest about something.
6. Bring a hand to the back of the neck 
This means that you are trying to pull out of the conversation.
7. Legs crossed
“Sitting with your legs crossed can make you look slightly lopsided, which can look unconfident,” says 
Susan Quilliam, author of Body Language Secrets. “Sit straight up in the chair, facing your interviewer 
directly. Crossed legs can also appear defensive.” 
8. Picking imaginary pieces of fluff from clothing 
This is one of the most common signals that the listener doesn't like what you're saying, even though 
they may be verbally agreeing with you

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