Thursday, 28 June 2012

How to face Interview

  How to face HR Interview

         For your first few interviews your background is important - your school, the medium and the place you 
studied in, all serve to give the interviewer an idea about you. Carry a copy of the bio-data that you have 
already sent, and the interview letter. Keep the extra copy with you, just in case. Show the interview 
letter to the receptionist/interviewer to establish your credentials, but keep this letter with you. This 
gives you, for your future reference, a time and date record of your interview, gives the official address 
of the 
company for further correspondence and clarifications, and may give you the name and designation of 
the person you are to report to.
Carry everything you need for the interview in a neat folder - do not have loose papers cascading to the 
floor because you are desperately hunting for the degree certificate, while the interviewers drum their 
fingers impatiently. And don't carry your papers in a plastic or 
cloth shopping bag either: invest in a good folder, plastic or even leather.
Incidentally, don't feel shy or hesitant about calling up the office and getting details about location, 
landmarks/bus routes/other information to help you reach the venue of the interview. Again, if it is not 
a "mass" interview, where lots of people are being interviewed on the same day, and you do have a 
genuine difficulty about reaching on the scheduled day/time, many employers will re- schedule if you 
ask them nicely enough. The reverse is also true: a 
good impression is created if you take the trouble to inform the interviewer that you can/will not attend 
the interview. If you are in the same town go and "case the joint" - see where the office/interview 
centre is, and how long it will take you to get there. 
Always arrive at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled time - that gives you time to catch your 
breath in case you climbed the stairs too fast, allows you to compose yourself and not be too nervous, 
and to check out the competition. If the interview is in the 
offices of the company itself, this also allows you to get a "feel" of the company. See how comfortable 
you feel, how efficient the interview process is. Says a lot about what the rest of the company is.
Here are some of the common interview questions offten asked by the 
interviewers....... Prepare yourself for these questions before attending an 
1.Are your work practices similar or different from ours? (If Experienced)
2.Describe our (products/services). 
3.Describe our company for me. 
4.Describe our corporate environment for me. 
5.Describe your work (methods/processes) in comparison to ours? (If Experienced)
6.Do our competitors do things that we should be doing? 
7.Do you have any concerns about working here? 
8.Do you have any questions about (our/this) company? 
9.Do you know how long we have been in business? 
10.Do you know what products we make? 
11.How could you have prevented your (judgmental) errors?
12.How do you think our company determines success? 
13.How does you present employer communicate with others in your deprtment? (If Experienced)
14.Tell me how you found out information about (our/this) company? 
15.Tell me what you know about (our/this) company? 
16.Was there anything your company could have done to be more successful? 
17.What about our company do you like best? 
18.What about your present employer (do/did) you like best? 
19.What advantages do you think our competitors have over us? 
20.What advantages do you think we have over our competitors? 
21.What are the greatest challenges that this company faces? 
22.What concerns do you have about this company? 
23.What direction do you think this company is headed in? 
24.What do you dislike about our company?
25.What do you know about (our/this) company? 
26.What do you know about (our/this) operation? 
27.What do you know about our competitors? 
28.What do you know about our customers? 
29.What do you know about our products? 
30.What do you know about our products or services? 
31.What do you know about our stock? 
32.What do you know about our web site? 
33.What do you know about the way our company (works/operates)? 
34.What do you know about this position? 
35.What do you think are the challenges facing this company? 
36.What do you think are the greatest challenges facing this company in the near future?
37.What do you think it takes to be successful in a company like ours? 
38.What do you think it takes to be successful in our company? 
39.What do you think the atmosphere here is like? 
40.What is the financial stability of your last company? 
41.What questions do you have about our organization? 
42.What would make someone successful in our business? 
43.What is the (best/worst) thing you have heard about (our/this) company? 
44. What is the (best/worst) thing you have heard about (our/this) department? 

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