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What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing ?


The concept The concept of Accessing a Software Application or a Platform or an Infrastructure over the internet instead of using them by purchasing and installing is called Cloud Computing.

Generally There are three layers of Cloud Computing:

  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
  • SAAS ( Software as a Service)

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) :

If an Infrastructure such as Storage server or an Application Server is accessed over the internet on rental basis instead of using it by purchasing and installing it is called IAAS

Examples :
  • Nirvanix – SDN (Storage Data Network)
  • Amazon – S3 (Simple Storage Services)
  • - EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing)
  • Salesforce – Database.com

PAAS (Platform as a Service):

If a Platform that is used to develop a software applications can be accessed over the internet on rental basis instead of purchasing and installing it in our servers or Systems , it is called as a cloud Platform and this service is called PAAS.


  • Salesforce – Force.com (Uses APEX Language)
  • Microsoft – Azure (.Net, C# and PHP)
  • Google – App Engine (Java, Python)
  • Amazon – Cloud Beans (Java)
  • IBM – Work Load Developers (Java)

SAAS ( Software as a Service):

 If a software Application can be used over the internet on rental basis, instead of Purchasing and installing it in our systems, it is called a Cloud Applications and this service is called SAAS.


  • Salesforce – CRM
  • Microsoft – Office 365
  • Microsoft – Dynamix
  • CA – Clarity
  • Citrix – Go to Meeting
  • Cisco – Webex

There are many cloud computing Service providers, but why people talk More about


Future of SalesForce on Cloud:

SalesForce is a CRM  (SAAS ( Software as a Service) and there are three roles namely Administrator, Developer and consultant. Many IT & Non-IT companies are using SalesForce CRM to expand their business by improving the efficiency of their manpower and also abbreviate infrastructure, software and hardware cost. As per survey across the globe 41,546 companies are willing to move to SalesForce CRM by end of 2013.

Opportunities in SalesForce:

Currently Salesforce.com has 97,700 customers across the globe and still counting rapidly. All these customers use SalesForce CRM as well as their most successful cloud platform Force.com. More than 2, 30,000 jobs are available worldwide in SalesForce. There are massive openings for freshers as well as experienced people.


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