Thursday, 3 May 2012

Latest Seminar topics for Computer Science

Latest Seminar topics for Computer Science 

1. Struts Integration

2. Application of ANN in Data Mining of Medical Images
3. Smart Card Standards
4. Internet Searching
5. Distributed Garbage Collection
6. Software advances in wireless communication (Cognitive Radio, Dynamic spectrum Access, etc.
7. Image compression
8. Twd radar satellite communications
9. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
10. Molecular Keypad Lock
11. Internet version 2
12. Internet Networking
13. Unbiquitos Smart Homes
14. Grid Computing
15. Software Code Security

16. Microcontroller Based Power Theft Identification
19. Multi Protocol Label Switching
20. Recognition of VoIP Speech
21. VOIP Over Wireless LAN
23. Object oriented technologies
24. Blue Ray
25. GIMP
26. Computer peripherals
27. Online software Distribution
28. Virtual memory
29. New Dimension of Data Security using Neural Networks and Numerical Functions
30. The Mbone And Multicasting
31. Reliable Multicast
32. Wimax
33. JIRO Java-based technology
34. Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display (SED
35. Gesture recognition
36. AMD Processors
37. GABOR Wavelet
38. Revolutions in the Operating System and Servers
39. Nano Ring Memory
40. Bluetooth technology
41. Gigabit networking
42. Computational Geometry in Drug Design
43. Voice Roaming
45. Genetic Algorithm
46. Network Management and Security
48. Unified Communication
49. Third Generation
50. Multimedia Broadcasting via Satellite
51. Web Spam
53. Wearable Computers
54. Embedded systems
55. Fuzzy Logic
56. Search Engine Optimisation
57. Improving tcp performance over mobile ad hoc networks
58. Optical Disc Data Security
59. Blogs & their Creation
60. Spectral Methods for Graph Partitioning
61. Embedded web server for remote access
62. Root cause Localization and analysis of faults[Autonomic Computing]
63. Financial Forecasting
64. Open Source Technology
66. GSM Security And Encryption
67. Storm botnet
69. Satellite Networks
70. Open ‘ssh’
71. Peer to peer Networking
73. multimedia-oriented web based instructional system
74. SUNSPOT (wireless sensor network
75. GRASSHOPPER Operating System
76. Multiple Domain Orientation
77. Secure Computing
78. Tracking and Positioning of Mobiles in Telecommunication
79. Advanced Queue Management Techniques
80. Bandwidth estimation in broadband access networks
81. Software model checking
82. The Architecture of a Moletronics Computer
83. Semi Supervised Learning using Gaussian Process
84. Parallel Computations
85. Mesh Based Geometric data processing
86. Teleportation
87. Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802
89. Digital Signal Processing and their applications
90. DataWareHosuing
91. Voice Routing over IP Telephony
92. Cyber Crime and Security
93. Serial ATA (SATA
94. Managing Data with emerging technologies
95. Ubiquitous computing
97. USB Tape Drives
99. Clustering
100. Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA
101. Cell phones
102. Application of Genetic Algorithms in Network routing
103. Stereoscopic Projection Systems
104. Multi-application Framework for Smart Cards
105. ARM architecture
106. Artificial Neural Networks
108. Energy Efficient query Optimization
109. Acid rains
110. Frequent ItemSet Mining
111. Query Based Fine-grained PageRank
112. Signal Processing for Networking
113. Quantum computing
114. Wireless Application Protocol
115. Web Designing with HTML
116. Enery efficiency in Wireless sensor networks
117. Backup and Recovery planning
118. Ethical Hacking
119. E-wallet
121. Comparative study on Authoring Tools
122. Smart Dust
123. Optical networking
124. Management Information System
125. Advanced Encryption Standard
126. Determining Global States of Distributed Systems
127. Data Management in Sensor Networks
129. Semi-supervised Learning using Graph Kernels
131. Search for extra terrestrial intelligence using satellite communication
132. Public Key Encryption And Digital Signature
133. Steganography. The art of hiding information
134. Digital Visual Interface
135. Flexible CRT Displays
136. Ethernet
137. Bio-Medical Instrumentation and Signal analysis
138. Channel Allocation Algortihms for Mobile Telephony
139. HAVi: Home Audio Video Interoperability
140. A Probabilistic Approach to Micropayment
141. Transient Stability Assessment using Neural Networks
142. BEANS
143. Global System for Mobiles
145. Internet Telephony
146. Light Pen
147. RFID : Comparative study of Collision Resolution Protocols
148. Network Accelerators
149. Scheduling in Embedded Multiprocessors
151. Real Time Speech Translation
152. Facial Recognition System
153. Digital Video Editing
154. Blue Tooth Technology
155. Packet Interception
156. Earning Online Money
157. membrane computing
158. Viruses and Worms
160. Plasma Displays
161. Classification, Clustering and their Application for Damage Detection in Mechanical Structures
162. Micro Mouse
164. Middleware in Embedded Systems
165. Evolution of computers
166. Kerberos
167. Digital Rights Management
168. Wireless MAN
169. OpenGL-application programming interface
170. Optical canoflague
171. HomeRF- localized wireless technology optimized for the home environment
172. CASP
173. Narrow Band and Broad Band ISDN
174. Wireless sensor network
176. Neural networks and applications
177. Bio metrics IRIS technique
179. Graphical Processing Unit
181. Dataset Query algorithms in Streaming Mining
182. Information Extraction modes & techniques
183. eXtensible Bindings Language (XBL
184. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplplexing
185. Lucid Linx
186. Computer Forensics
187. Scheduling algorithm
188. Botnet
189. Fine-grained Access Control in Databases
190. Power Line Networking
191. Study of TGREP
192. Real time communication in wireless sensor networks
193. Blue-ray disk
194. Image processing and applications
195. Web Data Management
196. Nano computing
197. Form Wizard
198. Virtual Keyboards
199. Bionetric Authentication
200. Stealth Virus
201. Parallel Computing In Remote Sensing Data Processing
202. Server side Java
203. How E-learning Works
204. Archiever Analyzer
205. Light-trails
206. Sensor fusion for video surveillance
207. Web Technology
208. Information Extraction from structured & Semi-structured data
209. Classification, Clustering and Application in Intrusuion Detection System
211. Encrypted Hard disks
212. E-Commerce
213. Data over Cable System (DOCSIS
214. ATM networks
216. Agent Mediated E-commerce
217. Personel Digital assistance
219. Secure Database Service
220. Genetic Programming
221. Split Range Synchronization
222. Digital Jewellery
223. Fuzzified Computer-Automated Crane Control System
225. Encrypted Text chat Using Bluetooth
227. Samba Fileserver(38
228. Mail server Management
229. Digital Media Broadcasting
230. Holographic Versatile Disc
231. Applications of Graph Theory to Metabolic Pathways
232. Brain computer interface
233. MPEG-7
234. Reliable and Fault Tolerant Routing on Mobile Ad Hoc Network
235. Autonomic Computing
236. Software Testing & Quality Assurance
237. Methods in virtual networking
238. Quad core Module technology
239. Personal Mass Media Blogging, Syndication, Podcasting, and Vidcasting
240. High Performance Clusters
241. Global Positioning System
242. Web browsers
243. Automatic number plate recognition
244. Future of business Computing
245. Holt-Winters technique for Financial Forecasting
246. Touch screen technology
247. Security On Wireless LAN Adaptive cruise control
248. Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
249. Fingerprint recognition system by neural networks
250. Lixto suite
251. Security Issues In GRID COMPUTING
253. Sand Box Technology
254. Emergency Health Care System
255. Wireless Applications
256. Visual Neuro Prosthetics
257. Rendering Maths on web with Java Swing
258. New Age Graphics
259. Interupts
260. Dynamic resource allocation in Grid Computing
261. Multicast Routing
262. Quality of service in Differentiated Service Architecture
263. Computer vision
264. Elliptical Curve Cryptography(ECC
265. Emerging trends in robotics using neural networks
266. Mobile Library Management
267. Wireless Technologies (bluetooth, 802.11x, IRDA
268. Mobile Networking
269. Distributed database management system
270. Firewalls
271. Applications of speech recognition
272. Cryptography and steganography
273. Data mining through Active Learning
274. Internet Cryptopraphy
276. Distributed Computing
277. Mobile ad hoc network
278. Honeypots
279. Mobile Infrastructure Management
280. Multimedia
281. BioComputers
282. Reconfigurable computing
283. Site Search Engine
284. Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
285. New storage strategy = Disk -Disk -Tape Back up
287. Global positioning response system
288. MAC address
289. Bio Telemetry
290. E-MINE: A novel web mining approach
291. Ant Colony optimization for routing in Mobile and Adhoc Networks
292. Porting Device Drivers For The Solaris
294. Network Anomaly
295. Auto-pilots
296. iSCSI: The future of Network Storage
297. Content Management
298. Statistical Forecasting
300. Captchas
301. Datbase management
302. Wi- Fi Technology
303. DNA Computing
304. Voice Over Internet Protocol
305. Cd,dvd,ird
306. Task Management
307. Integration of Parallel Database in a Service Oriented Architecture
308. Authoring environments for open source courseware
309. TDMA implementation for QoS routing in Ad Hoc Networks
310. Cyborgs
311. High Performance Computing
312. Tablet PC
313. Text Classification Using Semi-supervised and Active Learning
314. Middleware architecture for Pervasive computing
315. Near Filed Communication (NFC
316. Visualization and Computer Graphics
317. Ovonic Unified Memory
318. Virtual networking
319. IPODS
320. Satellite communication
321. Biometrics
323. IDMA The Future of Wireless Technology
324. Faultolerant Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
325. Natural Language Processor
326. Time Complexity
327. Mobile agent
328. Dynamic spectrum access
330. Enterprise Security
331. X-By-Wire System , Communication Bus perspective
332. Geographic Versatile Dist
333. J2EE Security
334. ZFS File system
335. Etl tools(informatica)
336. Query Processing on Data Streams
337. Geometric Invariants in Biological Molecules
338. Mobile communication
339. Magnetic RAM
340. High Altitude Aeronautical Platforms
341. Virtualization Technology
342. Layered versioning for software configuration management
343. Main memory databases
344. TETRA-Terrestrial Enhanced Trunked Radio
346. Night Vision Technology
347. Personal Satellite assistant Systems
348. Data Mining and Data Warehousing
349. Security of Open-Source Software
350. Technotask management
351. QoS in Networking using active Networks
352. Future of the internet
353. Fine Grained DataBase Security
354. Touch Screen
355. Earth Simulator- Fastest Supercomputer
356. Pen Drive
357. Web Search Results’ Ranking: PageRank, HITS and Related Work
358. Data Mining concepts & Models
359. Aspect-oriented programming (Aop
360. Embedded Linux
361. Multiple client’s communication
362. Mobile Paradigm
363. The MBMS
364. X-Internet
365. Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP
366. Wireless Markup Language(WML
367. Robocode
368. Agile Software development
369. Crusoe Processors
370. Storage Farms
371. SSL-TLS
372. Windows Vista
373. Artificial Intelligence in Machines
375. SALT (Speech Application Language Tags
376. Fiber optic communication
377. Antimeter
379. QoS in VoIP
380. Ipod
381. Intel MMX Technology
382. Reconfigurable Hardware in Wireless communication
383. Spin monics
384. Data Warehouse
385. Tablet-pc
386. Forecasting
387. Wireless Security
388. Epsilon nets and transversal of hypergraphs
389. Media gateways
391. QoS in Wireless LANs
392. Proactive Anomaly Detection
393. Seasonal and Adaptive Forecasting
394. Text Classification
396. DataBase Migration
397. Intelligent Patient Monitoring System
398. Approximate string matching for Music retrieval
399. Signal Integrity Fundamentals for Digital Design
400. Watermarking Digital Audio
401. QOS in software server Firewalls
402. Hacking
403. Efficiency / Comparative study of routing schemes in event based systems
404. Wi-Fi (802.11b
405. Leave Mgnt System
406. Curl: A Gentle Slope Language For The Web
407. Hackers prospectivs
408. Applications of Soft Computing in Medical Image Analysis
409. Grid Data Farm for Petascale
410. Java Class Loader
411. Turbo Codes
412. Middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks
413. Fault Tolerance in Virtual Machine Environments
414. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD
415. Analysing Software Life Cycle of Different Program Paradigm
416. Web servers
417. Compressed Domain Processing And Video Information System
418. Chess Algorithm
419. Recovery in Main Memory Databases
420. Choreography
421. Using Regular Expressions In java
422. Torents
423. Introduction to Speech Recognition
424. Trends in Mobiles & PC’s
425. Biometric Technology
426. Computational Intelligence and Linguistics
427. Co-operative LINUX
428. High Speed Data In Mobile Networks
429. Embedded systems and vlsi an architectural approach to reduce leakage energy in memory
430. Biometric Secuirty
431. Inter-Operabilty of 802
432. Micro Hard disk Drives
433. Cross Platform Component Object Model
434. Micro chip production using extreme uv lithography
435. Forecasting using Double Exponential Smoothing Method
436. Mining Document Streams
438. Ontological Relation Discovery
439. A cognitive radio approach for using of virtual unlicensed spectrum
440. Cluster computing
441. DNA Based computer
442. Iris scanning
443. Netowork Security
444. Sniffers
445. Real Time Operating Systems on Embedded ICs
447. Distributed Firewalls
448. Concurrent Programming and Parallel distributed O.S.
449. Virtual Private Networks(VPNs)
450. Issues in Middleware for Pervasive Computing
451. Google or Yahoo Case Study
452. LOC technology (Lab On a Chip
453. NVSRAM- Non Volatile Static RAM
455. Spatial DataMining
456. Computer hardware
457. Ruby on Rails RoR
458. Data warehousing
459. Cryogenic Processor
460. Wireless communication system
461. Intelligent RAM : IRAM
463. Multicast Congestion Control
464. S/w life cycle/affiliated programs
465. Embeded Systems
466. Optimization of Protocol Stack for wireless networks
467. UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access
468. VQ In Converging Telephony And Ip Networks
469. Uniprocessor Virtual Memory Without TLBS
470. Mobile Casts
471. Kinetic data structuring
472. Sensor Networks
474. MANET:-The Art of Networking without a Network
475. Techniques to aid property specification in Model Checking
476. Security Issues in Wireless Networks
477. Trusted Network Connect (TNC
478. Mobile Computing
479. Capacity of Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
480. Future Programming Techniques and Concepts
481. Digital audio
482. Oracle RDBMS
483. Soft computing
484. Trends in Compiler Construction
485. Evolutionary Programming
486. Pluggable Authentication Modules (Pam
487. Synchronous Optical Networking
488. VOIP Security
489. Multi-Relational Data Mining
490. Secure Socket Layer (SSL
491. Parallel computing
493. Digital Imaging
494. Tape Drive Technologies LTO
495. Bit And Bytes
496. Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks
497. Attacks on Smart Cards
498. Server virtualization
499. PolyBot Modular, self-reconfigurable robots
500. Network Modeling and Simulation
501. Java Security
502. Hyper-Threading Technology
503. Nano-technology and application
504. Telephony Routing over IP
505. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP
506. Dataflow machines
507. Authentication
508. Introduction to LaTeX
509. RFID Security
510. Proactive Network Anomaly Detection
511. Middleware for Sensor Networks
512. Techniques for analysis, verification, validation of digital systems
513. Pervasive computing
514. Microcontroller Based Automation
515. Computational neuroscience
517. Database Security
518. Polymer Memory
519. Relational Data Mining
520. VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language
521. Franchise Mgnt System
523. Operating systems
524. Generic algorithm
525. Collaborative Mobile Environments
526. Augmented Reality
527. Plasmonics
529. Fluorescent Multilayer Optical Data Storage
530. Computational Photography
531. High Performance DSP Architectures
532. Working of E-Mail
533. Parasitic computing
534. Search Engine
535. Network security with cryptography
536. Symbian OS
537. Embedded Configurable Operating system
538. VoIP in mobile phones
539. Virtual P.C.
541. multi-wordnets
542. Search algorithm
543. Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA
544. Future of Satellite Communication
546. Integrating Structural Design and Formal Methods in RealTime System Design
548. Query Optimization
549. Matlab (matrix lab)
550. Mining the Web: Searching, Integration and Discovery
551. Serial Attached SCSI
552. Knowledge discovery and Data Mining
555. Fusion Memory
556. Quality of Service Routing in computer networks
557. Wireless technology
558. Methods in virtual private networks
559. Data Pre Processing
560. Video conference
561. Nonvolatile Flash Memory
562. Aspects of Database Security and Program Security
564. Hapics
565. Native Command Queuing (NCQ
566. Voice Portals
567. Probabilistic I/o Automata
569. Proactive computing
570. Performance Evaluation
571. Micro Total analysis systems
572. Routing in Sensor Networks
573. Java Messaging Service (JMS
575. Wireless Connectivity for Rural Areas
576. Virtual Network Computing
577. Object Persistence
578. Gnu Emacs
579. Security threats in the World Wide Web
580. Distributed and Parallel Computing
581. Globalization
582. Radio Astronomy
583. Form Processing
584. Software Architecture Analysis
585. Quantum teleportation
586. Ext3 Filesystem


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