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Why and who will celebrates Ugadi ?

ugadhi means :-

Ugadi name has been changed from Yuga Aadi (Yuga + Aadi means "Beginning of New age"). T 

It is believed that the creator of the Hindu pantheon Lord Brahma started creation on this day - Chaitra suddha padhyami or the Ugadi day.  

who will  celebrates Ugadi:-
Ugadi or Yugadi is the New Years Day for the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is also celebrated in Maharashtra as Gudi Padwa. Sindhi people observe the same day as Sindhi New Years Day, Cheti Chand. Since the Saka calendar begins with the month of Chaitra, Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of the New Year.
Tamilians celebrate new year when Sun enters Aries(mesha rasi) few days after Ugadi.
During Ramayana days, start of Uttarayana was celebrated as New year but famous astrologer Varahamihira calculated movement of earth, moon and change of seasons and concluded that start of spring season in india should be start of new year.
Yesmin Krishno DivamVyataha, Tasmat eeva pratipannam Kaliyugam”, these Sanskrit verses of the great Sage Vedavyasa explains that Kali Yuga has started at the time when Lord Krishna passed away. Yugadi, pronounced as Ugadi, represents the beginning of a new Yuga (era). Some famous historians of India date the starting of KaliYuga to 3102BC.

Who celebrates Ugadi ?
Ugadi is the New Year day for the Hindus between the rivers – Godavari and Kaveri, eventually the people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The South Indian calendar follows the procedure of Salivahana era (Salivahana Saka). It starts its count from the date when the Saatavahana King, Saalivahana established his empire.
King Shalivahana is also called as Gautamiputra Shatakarni. The Southern India Calendar (the era of Shalivahana Shaka) counts its years starting from the year 78 AD of the Gregorian calendar. Hence the year 2000 AD marks the year 1922 of the Salivahana Saka.
As per the Lunar or Hindu calendar, yugadi corresponds to the first day of the first half of the Chaitra month, Chaitra Shudhdha Padyami (Chaitra Sudda Prathami), which usually comes in March or April months of the regular Gregorian calendar.
On this day, telugu people prepare Ugadi Pachadi, a traditional food made from raw mangoes, neem flowers, jaggery, sugar cane, tamarind, salt and spice.
It has a mixture of 6 different flavours representing 6 different seasons to 

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