Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Does we have CHILD LABOR only in INDIA ????


Yes, if you are talking about "child labor" as defined by the US law. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum working age as 15, with some exceptions.
In the United States: An estimated 290,200 children were unlawfully employed in 1996. Some — it’s not clear how many — were "older teens working a few too many hours in after-school jobs." About 59,600 were younger than age 14, and some 13,100 worked in garment sweatshops, according to an Associated Press series on child labor published in December 1997. (Available on, by searching for "child labor" on IGC sites and IGC member sites.)
Unicef’s 1997 State of the World’s Children Report says "The growth of the service sector and the quest for a more flexible workforce in industrialized countries, such as the United Kingdom and the US, have contributed to an expansion of child labour."
"Hundreds of thousands" of children work in US agriculture, according to a report by Human Rights Watch published in June 2000.

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