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Top Ten Things in every Resume

Top Ten Things in every Resume

1.Contact details [mandatory]: First we have to provide  our address , E- mail and Voice (Mobile no. ) details.

2.About you [optional] : This is the one which shows what you are and  your confidence level. (or) This is the showcase of what you are.

3.Career  Objective [mandatory]: It differs with the job role. This should show what kind of services your are going to provide for the organization growth at the same time for your career growth also.

4.Educational qualifications [mandatory]: Tabular format is highly recommended especially for fresher’s.
Percentage stated should be exact ( not appropriate of fake). They might ask you to show the certificate’s.

5.Software Proficiency [mandatory]: This is mandatory for all streams (Now a days any job needs minimum knowledge about computer)  . Mention the things which you know perfectly  coz this is the column which is going to be highlighted in the technical round especially for computer science students.
Note: Be careful while mentioning the columns operating systems  and programming languages . HR people may ask the differences of those you sated.

6.Project Profile[mandatory]: This includes all the mini and major projects done by you. You should in a position to answer any question regarding those projects.
Note: What is YOUR ROLE in the PROJECT?  Answer for this question should be at your finger tips as this the most frequent question  you are going to face.

7.Achievements[mandatory]: Should state the things you achieved  till now. Should start with the most recent one (Descending Order). If you have any certifications or photograph regarding the achievements you stated, carry with you while going to interview it helps you to cross the HR panel.

8.Strengths [mandatory]:  State your positive’s.
Note: The positives which you mention should have the real time examples. You should also be ready to tell the negative’s in you and the ways you follow to overcome it with examples. Because these are questions you may face in the HR Panel.

9.Personal Details [mandatory]: Short and sweet is the formula you should follow while mentioning the personal details. This column should be helpful  for the HR to know more about you. So, give more info regarding you and a bit regarding your parent(s).
Note: No need to mention your name here. Hobbies and language’s known(should be able to speak and comprehend )are compulsory .

10.Declaration  [mandatory]: This should  your honesty while stating the info.

Left side DATE and PLACE . right side signature.

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  1. Recently I met a recruiters from some company and I asked about the contents of resume. They said that strengths are not mandatory.


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