Sunday, 21 October 2012



Demonstrate Company Knowledge

• Be specific. Do your homework and convey your knowledge of the company with a targeted question. Mention a recent company news item or initiative and ask how your job will relate: "Would I be involved with the company's new project?"

Performance Review

• "How will my performance be evaluated?" This type of question shows that you will take your responsibilities seriously and look forward to performance reviews.

Advancement Opportunities

• Inquire about growth opportunities and whether the company promotes from within. This reveals commitment and ambition.

Expanding the Job Description

• Find a specific question about the job description that was not answered on the website or during the interview. You may incorporate past experience in this question. For example: "In my previous position, I was responsible for evaluating new employees. Does this position require the same?"

Primary Responsibilities

• Ask opinion questions designed to engage the interviewer. "What do you consider the primary responsibilities of this position?"

Skills You Bring

• Find out whether you have a hidden skill or experience you can bring to the table. Ask the interviewer what additional skills would improve team performance and provide the most opportunity for growth. If you have experience in the area he cites, talk about it.

How Did I Do?

• Give the interviewer an opportunity to voice his concerns. In your opinion, do I have the right experience and ability to perform this job? Do you have any reservations about my suitability? If the interviewer answers with specific reservations, don't panic. You know what your shortcomings are. Be ready with a confident answer that will help dispel his concerns. For example, if you are younger and less experienced than the average applicant, or you are attempting to transition from a different position, your answer might be "One of my strengths is the ability to learn quickly and accept direction. And as a newcomer to the field, I may be able to offer fresh perspective and innovative problem-solving ideas."

Company Values

• What aspect of performance does this company value most in employee performance? The answer may surprise you. Some companies look for ideas, others for performance statistics, still others for leadership or innovation.


• Ask about the company's team dynamics. Is the corporate atmosphere cooperative or competitive within departments and between different departments?

Time Frame

• When can I expect to hear from you? You need to know, and a direct question shows confidence.

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