Thursday, 6 September 2012

Suggested format for self Introduction

Suggested format for self - introduction

1. Spell out your name clearly.
2. Tell how you preferred to be called.
3. Tell them about your qualification (fi time permits from your school days) including the institutions studied.
4. Awards/ trophies/ distinctions won by you for academic excellence if any.
5. Reasons for choosing the discipline in your education.
6. Family particulars (Father, Mother
, Brothers, Sisters, Spouse, Children)
7. In case of children stream of education CBSE, State Board etc.,
8. Details of spouse if employed.
9. Employment history and reasons for leaving each employment.
10. Achievements in each employment.
11. Reasons for quitting employment now.


Do not talk ill of your family members, faculties in institutions, past employers.

Do not sit on the edge of the chair while answering.

Look into the eyes of the interviewer while answering.

If you have finished your presentation, just hang up and say that is it. Do not ramble beyond what you have already said even if the interviewer has not shot his next question.

Thoroughly make enquiries of the organisation you are attending the interview their business, special matters etc as they may seek what you know about their company.

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