Sunday, 15 July 2012

A to Z Html Tags

List of HTML Tags

        <!-->--Comments And Server Side Includes
        <!DOCTYPE>--Starting An HTML Page
        <A>--Creating A Hyperlink Or Anchor
        <ABBR>--Displaying Abbreviations
        <ACRONYM>--Displaying Acronyms
        <ADDRESS>--Displaying An Address
        <APPLET>--Embedding Applets In Web Pages
        <AREA>--Creating Clickable Regions In Image Maps
        <B>--Creating Bold Text
        <BASE>--Setting The Base For Hyperlinks
        <BASEFONT>--Setting The Base Font
        <BDO>--Overriding The Bidirectional Character Algorithm
        <BGSOUND>--Adding Background Sounds
        <BIG>--Creating Big Text
        <BLINK>--Making Text Blink
        <BLOCKQUOTE>Indenting Quotations
        <BODY>--Creating A Web Page's Body

        <BR>--Inserting Line Breaks
        <BUTTON>--Creating A Customizable Button
        <CAPTION>--Creating A Table Caption
        <CENTER>--Centering Text
        <CITE>--Creating A Citation
        <CODE>--Displaying Program Code
        <COL>--Define A Column
        <COLGROUP>--Grouping And Formatting Columns
        <DD>--Creating Definition List Defintions
        <DEL>--Displaying Text As Deleted
        <DFN>--Defining New Terms
        <DIR>--Deprecated List
        <DIV>--Formatting Block Text
        <DL>--Creating Definition Lists
        <DT>--Creating Definition List Terms
        <EM>--Emphasizing Text
        <EMBED>--Embedding Multimedia And Plug-Ins In A Web Page
        <FIELDSET>--Grouping Form Elements
        <FONT>--Specifying A Font
        <FORM>--Creating HTML Forms
        <FRAME>--Creating Frames
        <FRAMESET>--Creating Frames
        <H1> Through <H6>--Creating Web Page Headings
        <HEAD>--Creating A Web Page's Head
        <HR>--Creating Horizontal Rules
        <HTML>--Starting An HTML Page
        <I>--Creating Italic Text
        <IFRAME>--Creating Inline Or Floating Frames
        <ILAYER>--Creating Inline Layers
        <IMG>--Adding An Image To A Web Page
        <INPUT TYPE=BUTTON>--Creating Buttons
        <INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX>--Creating Checkboxes
        <INPUT TYPE=FILE>--Creating File Input For A Form
        <INPUT TYPE=HIDDEN>--Creating Hidden Data
        <INPUT TYPE=IMAGE>--Creating Image Submit Buttons
        <INPUT TYPE=PASSWORD>--Creating Password Controls
        <INPUT TYPE=RADIO>--Creating Radio Buttons
        <INPUT TYPE=RESET>--Creating Reset Buttons
        <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT>--Creating Submit Buttons
        <INPUT TYPE=TEXT>--Creating Text Fields
        <INS>--Displaying Inserted Text
        <ISINDEX>--Using An Index
        <KBD>--Displaying Text The User Is To Type
        <KEYGEN>--Processing Secure Transactions
        <LABEL>--Labeling Form Elements
        <LAYER>--Arranging Text In Layers
        <LEGEND>--Creating A Legend For Form Elements
        <LI>--Creating List Items                                                                                                                       
        <LINK>--Setting Link Information
        <MAP>--Creating Client-Side Image Maps
        <MARQUEE>--Displaying Text In A Scrolling Marquee
        <MENU>--Deprecated List
        <META>--Giving More Information About Your Web Page
        <MULTICOL>--Creating Columns
        <NOBR>--Avoiding Line Breaks
        <NOEMBED>--Handling Browsers That Don't Handle Embedding
        <NOLAYER>--Handling Browsers That Don't Handle Layers
        <NOSCRIPT>--Handling Browsers That Don't Handle JavaScript
        <OBJECT>--Placing An Object Into A Web Page
        <OL>--Creating Ordered Lists
        <OPTGROUP>--Creating A Select Control Item Group
        <OPTION>--Creating A Select Control Item
        <P>--Creating Paragraphs
        <PARAM>--Specify A Parameter
        <PRE>--Displaying Preformatted Text
        <Q>--Displaying Short Quotations
        <RT>--Creating Ruby Text
        <RUBY>--Creating Rubies
        <S> And <STRIKE>--Striking Text Out
        <SAMP>--Displaying Sample Program Output
        <SCRIPT>--Creating A Script
        <SELECT>--Creating A Select Control
        <SERVER>--Running Server-Side JavaScript Scripts
        <SMALL>--Creating Small Text
        <SPACER>--Controlling Horizontal And Vertical Spacing
        <SPAN>--Formatting Inline Text
        <STRONG>--Strongly Emphasizing Text
        <STYLE>--Using Embedded Style Sheets
        <SUB>--Creating Subscripts
        <SUP>--Creating Superscripts
        <TABLE>--Creating A Table
        <TBODY>--Create A Table Body When Grouping Rows
        <TD>--Creating Table Data
        <TEXTAREA>--Creating Text Areas
        <TFOOT>--Create A Table Foot When Grouping Rows
        <TH>--Creating Table Headings
        <THEAD>--Create A Table Head When Grouping Rows
        <TITLE>--Giving A Web Page A Title
        <TR>--Creating A Table Row
        <TT>--Creating "Teletype" Text
        <U>--Underlining Text
        <UL>--Creating Unordered Lists
        <VAR>--Displaying Program Variables And Arguments
        <WBR>--Allowing Word Breaks
        <XML>--Accessing XML Data With An XML Data Island

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