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c++ Programme Names

Computer Programs in C
General Programs
1.      Write a program to print your Address.
2.      Write a program to print your Bio Data.
3.      Write a program to add, multiply, subtract, division, mod of 2 numbers.
4.      Write a program to swap two numbers using 3 variables.
5.      Write a program to calculate profit of a product.
6.      Write a program to calculate simple interest.
7.      Compute Area of a Triangle given all its sides.
8.      Extracting a Unit’s digit of a given integer number.
9.      Accept values for a and b and print the sum in center of the screen using gotoxy().
10.  Accept a string and display on the screen.
11. Write a program to accept your bio data and display.
12. Convert temperature in centigrade to Fahrenheit.
13. Program to find the area of triangle.
14. Find the roots of a quadratic equation.

If Conditions  Programs

15. Write a program to print biggest of 2 numbers.
16.Write a program to print biggest of 3 numbers.
17.write a program to check whether you’re eligible for  voting.
18.Determine whether a given integer  number  is positive or negative.
19.Determine whether a given integer number is odd or even.
20.To find out whether a given year is leap year or not.
21.Write  a c program to student info  like rollno, sname, mark1, marks2,
mark3, mark4.Calculate his total,avg, div & grade and  Result.
      Conditions :
Average               Grade        Division
 > =75                               A                     I
>=50 && < 75                B                     II
>=45  && <50                C                     III
< 45                                  D                     IV
     22..Any Character is entered is Through the key board .Write a program to  
             determine whether the Character is Capital case letter, A Small case letter,
a   Digit  or a special Symbol.
Special Symbols

    65 – 90
    97 – 122
   other numbers

23. Write a Program to Calculate  your Electricity bill by using the following in inputs cname,cno,openingreading,closing reading   Compute the Bill Amount and No of units consumed .
              Conditions                           Rate
            <100                                       .80
            >= 100 & <250                     1
            >=250 &  <500                     1.5
            >=500                                                2

Switch Programs

1.      Write a menu driven program-using switch for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
2.      Write program-using switch whether the given character is a vowel or consonant.
3.      Write program-using switch whether the given number is odd or even.

Looping Programs

1.      Generate the output as follows
          A) 1
         2 3
         4 5 6
         7 8 9 10
           B)         *
2.      Sum of first  N natural numbers.
3.      Sum of squares of all integers from 1 to n.
4.      Sum of all the digits of given integer
5.      Factorial of given integer  .
6.      Finding the sum of odd numbers and sum of even numbers from 1 to n.
7.      Generation of required number of terms of the fibonacci sequence .
8.      Finding GCD & LCM  of given numbers.
9.      Sum of all the cubes of the digits of a given integer numbers.
10. Reveres of number given number (ex- 2345           as    5432).
11. Check whether the given number is palindrome or not.
12. To find out whether the given number is prime or not.
13. Fine the prime number  between 1 to N.
14. Sum of first N terms in the Expansion of sine series.
15. Write a program to print all the ASCII values and their equilent Character using  While loop.(the ASCII Values vary from 0 to 255).
16. Write a program to print all Arm strong numbers between 1 and 500.
17. Write a Program to print all Prime numbers from 1 to 300

18. Write a program to produce the following out put.
                     A B C D E F G F E D C B A
                     A B C D E F     F E D C B A
                     A B C D E           E D C B A
                     A B C D                 D C B A
                     A B C                          C B A
                     A B                                  B A
                     A                                         A


1.      Reading in an array and output the same.
2.      Biggest  among given ‘N’ integer numbers.
3.      Maximum &minimum  among given ‘N’ integer numbers in an array.
4.      Average of a given set of N numbers in an array.
5.      Given N integer (+ve, -ve, zero) to find out thw sum of +ve numbers, -ve numbers  and the average of all numbers.
6.      Program to search an element in an array.
7.      Mean of, variance and Standard Deviation of a given set of Numbers.
8.      Classification of the element of a given Array into an array consisting of only odd elements and another array consisting of only even elements.
9.      *Evaluating a polynomial.

Matrices Programs

1.      Reading and Printing out a given matrix .printing in the matrix space.
2.      To compute the sum two  matrix into the third matrix.
3.      To compute the difference of two matrix into third matrix .
4.      Transpose of a given matrix.
5.      Product of two given matrix.
6.      Trace of a given matrix.

String Programs

1.      Finding the length of a given string
2.      Determining a string in palindrome or not
3.      Write a program to Reversing a given String.
4.      Copying the contents of given string into another string.
5.      Write a program to Concatenating two string into one string.
6.      Converting a upper case alphabets into lower case alphabets in a given string and vice versa.
7.      Counting the numbers of vowels and consonants in a given line.
8.      Sorting  a given set of names.
9.      Counting no of characters in an input.
10. Counting the no of words in a given line.
11. Counting the no lines in a   given text.

Functions programs
1.      Function to print a line made up of only Hash(#) characters.
2.      Function to multiply two given integer numbers.
3.      Function to computer the GCD of a Given Three numbers.
4.      Functions to Read and write one dimensional Array.
5.      Generate Pascal triangle.


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