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Hide Partitions Without Using Any Software

Hide Partitions Without Using Any Software

How To Hide Partitions Without Using Any Software

Here is a very cool and simple trick to hide any partition of our hard drive on computer. Many times we will think of hiding some confidential data form others.I have shown two easy methods to hide partitions without using any software.
Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt
1. Go to Start–>Run.
2. Type Diskpart and press Enter.
3. In the console type List volume to see all the drives available on your PC.
4. Now select the drive which you want to hide.
Here I have shown how to hide E drive.
5. In My PC it is volume 2 for drive E .
6. Now to hide drive E type Select volume 2 .

7. Then type remove letter e , this will hide your drive.
8. Now to get your drive back type Select volume 2 and then type assign letter e.
Hide Partitions Using Computer Management1. Right click My Computer.
2. Click Manage or press letter G.
3. This will open Computer Management.4. Under Storage, select Disk Management.
5. Right click on the drive which you wish to hide.
6. Select Change drive letters and paths...

7. Click Remove
8. Now can find your partition will be hidden.
9. To get back the partition Computer Management–>Select drive–> Change drive      letters and paths
10. Now select Add option.
11. In that Assign the following drive letter.
12. Select ok.
That’s it….

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